Moi Traffic Violations in Qatar Online Check & Pay Fines

MoI traffic violations in Qatar : Qatar is very strict for implementing driving rules on road. As it tries to ensure safety of travelers and traffic movement on roads.Traffic violations in Qatar as a driver can lead to serious penalties. But in case, if someone commits it mistakenly you have to pay a handsome amount of fine.  

In this guide we have discussed how you can check online MoI qatar traffic violations and pay your fines through the Moi portal or Metrash 2 App. We have discussed both methods in detail so that you can easily submit your fines to avoid any extra penalty.

Methods to Check MOI Traffic Violations Online in Qatar

  • Check Online with MoI website
  • Check Online with Metrash2 App

Qatar MoI traffic violations Check through MoI Website

Qatar moi website is one of the most convenient and simple ways to check traffic violations. As,it saves your time from installing frustrating apps on your mobile. 

Step 1: Open the MoI portal/website

Step 2: Click on “Inquiries”

Step 3: Then click on “Traffic Inquiries”

Step 4: Press “Traffic Violations”

Step 5: Here you can select any option : ID Number or Vehicle Number or Company ID number. Select an option that is relevant to you.

Step 6: Select type of vehicle

  • Private Car
  • Government Car
  • Diplomatic car
  • Taxi
  • Motorcycle
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Heavy Equipment

Step 7 : Fill out the Captcha and Submit your details.

It will display your traffic violations details. After filling details, it may require “QID of Vehicle Owner”. Enter the QID number and submit the details again.

After entering your details you will find complete info about time, date and location of the violation.

Step 8: Click on “Settlement of Violation”

Step 9: Then Press “Traffic Services” and “Traffic Violations”

Step 10: Login with your “smart card”. Pay the fine and after successful transaction, fine will be shortly removed from the website.

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MOI traffic violations check by Metrash2 App

The Ministry of Interior has introduced the Metrash2 App to facilitate its citizens and now you can easily pay the charges against you in the Metrash2 App. Process to check the penalties or fines is quite similar to the MoI portal but here we have discussed the complete step by step process for your convenience.

Step 1:Install Metrash2 Mobile App from Play Store or App Store

Step2: Login from your Mobile device with your QID

Step3: Press the “Traffic” icon 

Step 4:Choose the “Traffic Violation” tab

Step 5:Then choose “Query/Traffic” Violations

Step6:Enter your “Vehicle Plate Number” or QID and search

Step7: Your traffic penalties will appear here, Pay fine by clicking on Payment options and Add your Debit Card/Credit card number to proceed transaction.

Step 8: After Successful Payment all traffic violations would be cleared.

MoI Qatar Traffic Violations Check by Plate Number

Qatari citizens can also check their moi traffic violations using vehicle plate number. You can follow the below mentioned steps to know the complete process.

Step1: Visit the Qatar Government MoI website

Step 2: Press Traffic Inquiries

Step 3: Then tap on “Traffic Violations”

Step 4: Enter Your Plate Number

Step 5: Choose your “Vehicle Type” and Fill out the “Captcha”

Step 6:Then tap on “Submit” button and you will see details

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Appeal MoI Traffic Violations Via Metrash2 App

Metrash2 App has an exciting feature of appeal against their violation ticket within 14 days of its creation. This gesture is based on the idea to provide maximum relief to people with fines and penalties. 

Below mentioned are steps to appeal against moi traffic violations

Login to Metrash2 App

Press “Traffic” and then “Violation Service”

Then Tap on “Violation Objection” button

Choose “violation” and verify your objection

Within Few days you will receive update related to your objection

You will receive a SMS within 30 days of registering an appeal

If violations found wrong, the fine will be cleared or removed otherwise you have to pay the due fine.

Points to Remember

Important points to consider related to these 

1:14 days are allowed To challenge a violation ticket

2: You can not challenge 1 violation, more than once

3: Within 30 days of request you will receive the response SMS

4: Once you have paid the fine, you can not appeal against it.

How to report Excessive Speeding in Qatar using Metrash2 App?

Qatar Government encourages you to promote road safety and share responsibility by reporting  the overspeed vehicles on the road. If you come across any excessive speeding or any other traffic violations on the road, you can report it through Metrash App.

Step 1 : Log in to Metrash2 App and tap “Contact Us”

Step2:  Enter the “traffic” button and go for “Report Traffic Violation”

Step3: Add details,upload photo and send details

The Traffic Department will verify all the details before issuing any penalty to the reported incident. 

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What are the common traffic violations in Qatar?

It includes over speeding, crossing red lights, using a mobile phone while driving, and not wearing seat belts.

How can I check if I have any traffic violations on my record?

You can check your traffic violations in Qatar by visiting the official Ministry of Interior (MoI) website and accessing the traffic violation section. Enter your QID and vehicle details to view any recorded violations.

What is the process for paying traffic fines in Qatar?

Traffic fines can be paid online through the official MoI website or through the Metrash2 mobile app. You can also pay fines in person at designated service centers.

Can I contest a traffic violation if I believe it is unjustified?

Yes, you have the right to contest a traffic violation. You can submit a complaint through the MoI website, providing any relevant evidence or information to support your case.

What are the consequences of not paying my traffic fines on time?

Failure to pay traffic fines on time may result in additional penalties, including the suspension of your driving license and vehicle istamara being canceled.

Is there a grace period for paying traffic fines in Qatar?

The MoI provides a grace period for certain violations, allowing individuals to settle fines without incurring additional penalties. However, this varies depending on the nature of the violation.

How can I renew my driving license if it has been suspended due to traffic violations?

To renew a suspended license, you must settle all outstanding fines and fulfill any additional requirements imposed by the MoI. Once completed, you can apply for the license renewal.

Are there demerit points associated with traffic violations in Qatar?

Yes, Qatar follows a demerit point system. Different violations carry different point values, and accumulating a certain number of points within a specified period can lead to the suspension of your driving license.

Can I transfer traffic fines to another person if they were driving my vehicle at the time of the violation?

No, traffic fines are tied to the vehicle owner, not the driver. The owner is responsible for settling any fines incurred while their vehicle was in use.

How can I stay updated on changes in traffic regulations in Qatar?

Stay informed about traffic regulations by regularly checking the MoI website, subscribing to official notifications, and following updates on the Metrash2 app.

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