MOI Qatar Visa Check Online is an important step to ensure the visa validty of the traveler. It is a first step towards smooth and relax journey to the country with rich culture and newly-built attractions. Qatar MOI (Ministry of Interior) has made this an effortless process digitalize to ensure that you can check your Qatar visa status online through their MOI Portal before traveling to Qatar.

The documents required to confirm your visa status are your Passport or Visa Number or Application Number.

In this detailed guide, we have step by step shared the process of how to check or Verify MOI Qatar visa status Online, how to check your Qatar Visa Validity, and track the visa Application Status on the QVC and MOI websites. Moreover, we have also discussed how you can print your Qatar visa from MOi website.

MOI Website

To print your Qatar visa from MOi website we have discussed the detailed process.

How to Check Your Qatar Visa Inquiry?

Please follow these steps to know the details

  • Enter/Add your Passport Number or Visa Number
  • Press Enter the submit button
  • After pressing enter you will be redirected to MOI website
  • There you have the option to choose Passport Number or Visa Number
  • Click on Circle in start of your Passport Number and enter your details
  • Then Enter your nationality from drop down menu
  • Fill the Captcha code and press submit, and you will find your current Visa Status.

Methods to Check Qatar Visa Status Online

There are several methods to check Qatar visa status online.

1. Visa Check Through the Qatar MoI Online Portal

Press / Click on the button and visit the official Moi website. 

Step 1: On the MOi government website click the “Visa Service” option.

visa services and inquiry

Step 2: Enter your Visa Number in the given box.

Step 3: Select the Nationality.

Step 4: Write the Captcha Code and click Submit button.

visa services and inquiry

2. Check Qatar Visa by Passport Number

To track your Qatar e-visa or visa application status, you can verify it only with your passport number. In case you forget or lose your Qatar visa number, still you can easily find information related to your application status if you have your passport in your hand.

3. Qatar Visa Status Inquiry and Printing

Step 1: Visit the moi qatar official website and click on the visa service option.
Step 2: Then click on the “visa inquiry and printing option”
Step 3: To check your visa status, you can enter Visa number or passport number.
Step 4: Choose nationality, fill the captcha and submit, you will be shown your current visa details.

4. MoI Qatar Visa Check with ID Number

New Residents living in Qatar can confirm the validity of their QID with the below mentioned easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the MOI website and press “other inquiries”

Step 2: Press/ click on the Official Documents tab

Step 3: Fill out the box with the QID number, select Nationality, complete the captcha code, and enter the Submit button.

5. Check Visa Status on QVC Website

The Qatar Visa Center QVC website is another authentic source to verify the status of your visa application for Qatar. However, only applicants from Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the Philippines can enjoy this service. Countries not listed above are not entitled to enjoy this service. 

Follow step by step process to check your visa status on QVC.

Step 1: Visit the QVC website and select language and Country.

QVC Website Qatar

Step 2: Press the “Track Application” button.

Step 3: Provide your details in the given boxes, visa number, and passport.

QVC Application Tracking Online

Step 4: Fill the captcha and press the submit button, to confirm your latest visa status.

6. Check Qatar Visa Status Offline

To check your Qatar visa status offline, you should locate a nearby Qatar embassy or consulate. You can find their number on local directories or their representatives in the area.

After finding the contact information, you can contact the Embassy or consulate to confirm your visa status. They will ask you about some initial details and will provide you their feedback.


The processing time for a Qatar visa can vary depending on the type and complexity. Tourist visas are usually processed within a few business days, while work visas may take several weeks.

Visa fees vary depending on the type of visa and your nationality. Tourist visa fees are relatively affordable, while work visas may be more expensive.

Yes, most types of Qatar visas require a sponsor, which could be an individual or a Qatari company. They will provide you with an invitation and help with the application process.

No, you cannot convert a tourist visa to a work visa in Qatar. You must exit the country and re-enter on a work visa once it’s approved.