How to Renew Your Qatar ID in Metrash2 App? Process &Fee

Qatar ID renewal is essential for residents and workers in Qatar. To avoid frustration and penalty, QID holders must remember the expiry and renewal dates, . Moreover, you should renew it before it expires to avoid fines.

However, you can renew it within 3 months of its expiry. On the other hand, you can renew it 3 months before its expiry date. Once the deadline gets over, a 10 QAR per day fine is imposed. Individuals and Employers both are updated by Hukoomi to renew the Qatar ID or residence permit via Moi online as well offline.

You can renew your QID using Mobile through the Metrash2 App while sitting at home. It is a simple and quick online process introduced by the Ministry of Interior to facilitate residents.

This practical guide shares the personal experience of Qatar residents that how they renew their QID through Metrash2 App?

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Fees for Qatar ID Renewal

  • 1 year sponsorship for the entire family; wife and children are 500 QAR
  • Employees sponsorship by shops, businesses and institution is 1000 QAR for 1 year
  • QAR 300 is fee for employees sponsored by Employers like (servants, farmers and sailors)
  • There is a 20% discount on three years sponsorship renewal.(For wife,children and family sponsorship, for individual or personal sponsorship, or company sponsorship)
  • An additional 20 QAR would be charged, if you choose Qatar Post for delivery.

Qatar ID Renewal Online Process Via Metrash2 App

  • Log in to your Metrash2 App account
  • Choose “Residency”
  • Then Tap on “Residency Renewal”
  • Choose “Personal” or “Company Residency Renewal”and then enter “Next”

Individual Renewals

Select the QID number that you want to renew (up to 5 QID numbers at a time)

Renewal of a Company

Choose the Qatar ID number to renew (maximum twenty at once), then tap on “Add”

  • Select the ID/RP renewal time
  • Select the Delivery option for residence permit or QID
  • Enter the Address to receive new Qatar ID or Residence permit
  • Ensure the provided information is correct.
  • Pay with the card.

Through the following link you can track your renewal process.

How to Renew QID offline

The Ministry of Interior now prefers to renew Qatar ID online through the Metrash2 App. However, if you are unable to process your application through Metrash2, you can visit Ministry service centers. 

Renewal Process for Citizens

  • Nationality and travel Documents Department may renew Qatar ID offline
  • Download the application
  • Provide all the required details
  • If you are above 65 years, must bring your previous QID 
  • Bring two passport size photographs
  • Pay the Due Fee

Renewal Process For Foreigners

Download and complete the application form

  • Must attach the documents listed below
  • Valid copy of Sponsor or Employer’s ID
  • A copy of Sponsor or Employer’s Establishment ID
  • Submit Application at the Expatriates Affair Department

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What is the Fee for QID Renewal?

500 QR for family, 1000 QR for employees and for personal employees like farmers or labor 300 QR.

What is the processing time to renew Qatar ID?

QID renewal normally takes 3 to 5 days to complete the renewal process. However, it may take 7 days or more in some unexpected situations.

What are the payment Method Available on Metrash2?

There are two payment methods available, use an individual debit card or use the company’s debit card to proceed transactions.