Qatar Visa Price 2024 Update- All types of Visa Cost in Qatar

Qatar is offering multiple visas in different categories to promote tourism in the country. To know, Qatar Visa price is very important these days to stay updated and avoid any kind of scam associated with the price of Qatar visa.

Qatar being a land of luxury and cultural riches offers memorable experiences to its visitors. However, to enter into the country , getting a visa is mandatory whether you are traveling first-time or on frequent business trips.

We have enlisted fees for different categories of Qatar visas . These fees are according to visitors’ recent experience with the visa fees. These are subjected to MOI terms and conditions and may vary sooner or later.

Qatar Visa Price 2024

Qatar visa price or fees are mostly non-refundable, and they may vary depending on the type and category you are applying for. It is recommended to read visa requirements carefully  before you submit your visa application and pay the fees. To avoid unnecessary expenses and frustration, pay the fee when you are clear about the terms and conditions of the visa you are applying for.

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Qatar 2 year Work Visa Price

19,500 (INR) is Qatar 2 year work visa cost for Indian citizens. Qatar Work visa and residence permit both are included in this price.

Almost 60,000 (PKR) is Qatar 2 year work visa cost for Pakistani citizens. It also includes work visa and Qatar Residence Permit. Fee may vary slightly depending on your employer or sponsor. 

Note: This fee is not applicable to Freelance Visa or Azad Visa in Qatar

Price of Qatar 1 Year Visa

Qatar 1 year tourist visa price for Indian nationals is 8999 INR. In case of overstaying, you will be fined 200 QAR per day.

Price of Qatar Visa on Arrival

Qatar Visa on arrival is totally free for visitors who come under the eligibility criteria. Moreover, they can extend or renew their visa free of cost.

Price of Qatar Family Visit Visa

The price of a Qatar Family Visit visa is 55 USD or 200 QAR and USD 13 or QAR 50 monthly for each companion or dependent.

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Price of Qatar Tourist Visa 

The fee or cost of a Qatar Tourist Visa is 100 QAR (USD 27) for the head or main applicant and QAR 50 (USD 13) for every companion.

Price of Qatar Transit Visa

Qatar transit visa is free of cost, and permitted to travelers of all nationalities who are transiting in Qatar for minimum 5 hours, and it stays valid for 96 hours.

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Price of Qatar Business Visa 

Qatar business visa cost or fee varies depending on the duration and number of entries. 50 QAR is a fixed fee for a 72 hours business visa. For all business visa applications service charges are QAR 200 (55 USD). 

Qatar work Visa Price

Qatar work visa cost is dependent on visa duration and number of entries to qatar.The fee for employment entry visa is QAR 200 (55 USD) it allows your first entry into Qatar and the cost to get work residence permit is QAR 500 (USD 138). Though, your employer or sponsor usually bears these charges.

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Price of Qatar Student Visa

Qatar student visa or Education residence visas are free of cost. However,you must have proof of sufficient income or sponsor to fund your studies throughout the desired period.

Qatar 3 months visit visa price

QAR 200 is the price for a Qatar 3 month visit visa for Indians and almost the same for other nationalities as well. This 3 month visit visa price is also applicable to Pakistani tourists. Moreover, it may slightly vary at the time you are applying.

Qatar visa price for indian

  • 8999 INR is the price of a 1 Years Qatar tourist visa for indians.
  • 4500 INR is the cost of a 3 months tourist visa for Indians.

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Qatar on arrival visa fee for pakistani

Qatar on arrival visa is free for Pakistani travelers. However, you have to show hotel booking or proof of accommodation for your stay in Qatar.


What is the cost of Qatar 1 year work visa?

The price of 1 year visa is 8999 INR for indian nationals. However, it may vary from one sponsor to another.

What is the Fee for Qatar Visa on Arrival?

Qatar visa on arrival is free for the eligible countries and even for extension no fee is charged.

What is the cost of Qatar student visa?

Qatar student visa is totally free. However, you have to show proof of sufficient funds to support your studies.

What is the Fee for Qatar family visit visa?

200 QAR is fixed fee for family visa and 50 QAR for each companion per month.