Oman Visa Check Online & Offline on ROP Website and App

Oman Visa Check Online

Oman Visa Check Online: Oman is a beautiful country with lot of attractions and friendly people. Visa is an important document when you wish to travel to Oman. It is necessary to get visa before traveling to this amazing destination. Oman offer various types of visas, depending on the nature of travel.

The application process for visa is comprehensive and demands to follow specific guidelines. Visa checking is a critical step to avoid any potential travel issues. Ensuring your visa verification before traveling is a way to smooth and hassle free jurney.

Oman Government has launched an official website where travelers can check their visa status online. This step by step guide, offers a comprehensive details to navigate this online process smoothly.

Oman Visa Check Online by Royal Oman Police Website

Applicants can check their Oman Visa Status by visiting official Royal Oman Police website.

Step 1: Visit the Royal Oman Police Website

Step 2: Provide your passport number and Web Application Number

Step 3: Choose Passport Issuing Country

Step 4: Enter the Captcha code

Step 5: Enter the “Submit” and it will display your latest visa status.

Oman Visa Check Online by ROP App

You can also check your Oman visa status online with the help of ROP App. You can download this app on Play Store or Apple Store

 Register your account if you are a new user

Login to app

Go to Online Visa Services

Enter your passport number and Application number

Write the Code as displayed in the box

Press “Submit” button and it will show you your current visa status

Oman Visa Check by Passport Number

Travelers can also check their oman visa status with the help of their passport numbers. If you have your passport number with you, you can provide information on the ROP website and they will show you your latest visa status.

Oman Visa Check Offline by Oman Consulate/Embassy

If you are not in Oman and you want to know your visa status, you can visit the nearest embassy or consulate to know your visa status.

Visa Check Oman by Immigration Office

If you are unable to check your Oman visa online, you can also visit nearest immigration office and confirm about your visa status. They will update you about the latest development related to your visa.

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How long does it take to process an Oman visa?

The processing time for an Oman visa varies depending on the type. It can range from a few days to a few weeks. It’s advisable to apply well in advance of your planned travel date.

Can I check my Oman visa online before traveling?

Yes, you can. Oman provides online platforms where you can verify your visa status.

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