Exit Permit Check by MOI Website & Metrash2 App- How to Cancel Your Visa?

If you are leaving Qatar, you can check your exit permit online. As, it is important document for future visit in the country. If you fail to settle your affairs before leaving Qatar, you can face many challenges in future. If you are running any business, get a fair settlement and request for exit permit before leaving. MOI Qatar exit permit is an important document while leaving the country.

Requirements for Moi Qatar Exit Permit

The government of Qatar ensures (Article 7 of Law N0 21 of 2015) that foreign nationals and workers necessarily obtain permission from their sponsor in advance three days before their exit from the country.

They are advised to apply to cancel their visa to get an exit permit, if they are allowed. Expats and employees are always recommended and advised to pay their penalties, settle their debts and any other legal business activity or outstanding balance.

How to Apply for Moi Qatar Exit Permit? Visa Cancellation

To get your moi qatar exit permit, visa cancellation is the first step. You can apply for your qatar moi exit permit online as well as offline by following the below mentioned steps.

  • Go to the Ministry of Interior Official Website
  • You can also visit “MOI self-service Machine”
  • You can visit the nearest Immigration Office or General Directorate for Passports, Expat Affairs and Borders. (In-Person visit and submit your document)

Based on the sponsor, below listed steps should be followed

Visa will be canceled, If expat workers or employees are sponsored by a company or government entity.

  • Exit permit application must be duly completed and submitted by sponsor with personal signature or stamp, according to the establishment ID.
  • Once the application has been approved, The PRO has to submit application form along with the original passport of employee or expat and Establishment ID of the entity.

Personal Sponsorship Visa Cancellation

  • Exit permit application is filled and signed by sponsor
  • Signed Application form by sponsor, along with Original Passport of employeee and original passport and ID of sponsor.

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How to check Moi Qatar Exit Permit Online?

As only 5% of workers are added into the special list who require exit permit while boarding. The main purpose of this permit is to ensure the safety of the sponsor and companies. To check exit permit required or not to leave the country, follow the easy steps below.

  • Go to the MOI website and navigate into “Inquiries Exit” section.
  • Enter Your QID information
  • Provide the Exit Permit Information
  • Provide the verification code

In some cases, you don’t need exit permit  from sponsors, 

On Screen, you will see that you come under the 5% who need exit permit from sponsor.

How to Check Exit Permit in Metrash2?

You can check your exit permit details in the Metrash2 App by providing all your details. You will be notified whether you need an exit permit or not to leave the country. If it is required, you can apply through the Metrash2 App for an exit permit without visiting any office. 

Moi Qatar Exit Permit Fee

  • Fee for single Exit permit is 10 QAR
  • Multiple Exit Permit Fee is 500 QAR and it is valid for one year

Processing Time for Qatar Exit Permit

After you complete your online exit permit application, it normally takes 3 days to get response. Applicants are notified by sms about their exit permit status.

Validity of Qatar Exit Permit

Single exit permits are valid for three days after their issuance. However, multiple eit permits are valid for one year.

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How to check if an exit permit is required or not?

To check, you need a  moi exit permit to leave the country or not, visit the Ministry of Interior website, then go to “Exit Inquiries”. Provide your QID details and it will display the information whether you need the exit permit or not.

How to check the moi qatar exit permit ?

To check moi  Qatar exit permit navigate to Metrash2 App or Moi Website, enter your QID details and you will be shown the latest information related to your exit permit.

How to apply for a Qatar exit permit online?

You can apply online by
Visiting MOI website
Login to Metrash2 App (or read the above article to get more understanding)

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