Qatar ID Renewal Tracking Through MOI Website

Qatar ID Renewal tracking is important for residents and citizens in Qatar. As, it keeps you updated about your resident permit status. It helps you face any trouble or frustration in case your ID does not get renew. Below is the simple one step method for Qatar ID renewal tracking through official Ministry of interior website.

  • Open the MOI Website andgo to MOI Services
  • Click on “Residency Permits Inquiry”
  • Then Tap on “RP Renewal Tracking”
  • Enter the QID Number
  • Provide the security code or Captcha
  • Enter to “Submit” details

Important Note: To use Moi e-services for QID renewal,smart cards are accepted.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

What is the benefit of Qatar ID Renewal Tracking?

QID renewal tracking keeps you updated and informed about your latest renewal process. It also saves you from frustration and penalties. In any case, failure to renew your QID, it gives you timely notice to find alternative ways to renew your Qatar ID.

Qatar ID Renewal Fee

  • Fee for renewal of entire family including wife and children is 500 QAR.
  • Fee for employees sponsorship is 1000 QAR and would be paid by employer
  • Fee for personal workers like drivers or faremrs, 300 QAR

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