Qatar Temporary Work Visa-Application &Fee

Qatar Temporary work visa is an opportunity for expats worker for short specific period in the country. It gives skilled professional an opportunity to work in Qatar and enjoy the liberty to move around easily.

It is a short term employment opportunity for skilled workers to work in Qatar for a specific period. Professionals around the world who are keen to work in this thriving and growing economy can enjoy this facility to work in their desired company.

If you are exploring temporary work permit opportunities in Qatar, MOI gives you this facility to benefit from this temporary work visa. This visa is highly suitable for short-term or seasonal contracts/projects. On the other hand, it is a skill based visa for limited stay in the country.

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6 Months Temporary Work Permit Qatar-Short Term Work Visa

Temporary work visa Qatar is also called short term work visa and issued for 6 months initially to foreign skilled workers. This facility is offered by MoI to the skilled workers to stay for a short period of time in the country. Companies can submit an online visa application on the behalf of their employee.Process is simple, visit ministry website, provide your credentials and apply. (Metrash2 App, this can be added here)

Qatar Temporary Work Visa Requirements

Before applying for a temporary work visa, It is mandatory to ensure that you meet all the requirements. 

  • Smart Card: NAS (National Authentication System) verified smart card which validates your identity to use the service as an authorized individual within the establishment.
  • Valid Commercial Registration: A valid commercial registration is required for your establishment.
  • Authorization to submit the request: The establishment should have authorization to submit the visa request on employee’s behalf.
  • No establishment ban: The establishment should not be suspended or banned.

Moreover, it should fall under one of the categories listed below.

  • Governmental and semi-governmental organizations
  • Energy and industry sector
  • Manufacturing sector
  • Factories with government contracts
  • Any Establishment authorized to take advantage from the services offered by Ministry of Labor

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Temporary Work Permit Online Application on Metrash2 App

The ministry of Labor Qatar has introduced an online platform to apply for temporary work visas. Organizations or companies can apply for temporary work permits for their employees (who are willing to relocate for a short period) on the Metrash2 App. 

This modern digital service allows organizations and establishments to submit temporary work permit applications online through the official website. To start the procedure, log in to your account or create a new account.

Temporary Work Visa Extension

With the latest improvement of temporary work visas, employees can also benefit from extending this visa type. The main objective of this process is to help expat workers extend their temporary work permit before its expiry. This simple step will enable employers to extend their worker’s stay for a further few months.

To determine eligibility, visa extension applications are assessed by the Labor ministry. Approval or rejection of extension requests, totally depend on the Ministry of Labour. Approved requests are then forwarded to the Ministry  of Interior.MoI makes the final decision and then issues extensions and also provides visa numbers.

Temporary Work Visa Extension Requirements

Below mentioned requirements are necessary to fulfill to extend temporary work permit or visa.

  • Smart Card: Smart Cards by NAS (National Authentication System) are essential to confirm your identity as an authorized individual and ability to use it within the establishment.
  • Non-Suspended Establishment: The establishment should not be banned or temporarily stopped to use services by the Ministry of Labour.
  • Active EID: Make sure that Establishment ID (EID) is working and active.

Moreover, Ensure to fulfill the terms and conditions listed below.

  • Access to the service: Access to visa extension service is necessary for the Establishment
  • Expiring Visa Approval: Visa approval should be nearing its expiration
  • Active Registration ID: The establishment should have valid and active ID
  • No Suspensions: When applying, no suspension should be imposed on establishment
  • No Pending Applications: Applications similar in nature, should not be under consideration for extension.
  • Maximum Approval Period: For approval, its duration should not exceed more than 12 months.

Qatar Temporary Work Visa Extension Online Application

The online application procedure for extension of temporary work permit is like applying or obtaining a new visa. You can complete the initial application process online by logging into your account or creating a new one. Afterwards, follow the instructions on the screen to complete this process.

Temporary Work Visa Processing Time

The processing time to obtain temporary work permits in Qatar is the same like obtaining a new visa. Moreover, It also depends on your employer’s  documents, ID and working establishment. 

Qatar Temporary Work Visa Fee

As per the instructions of the Ministry of Labour, there is no fee or charges when you obtain a new visa or extend your temporary work visa.