Qatar ID Online Check by Passport Number & Metrash App

MOI Qatar ID check is a crucial step to verify your Identity in Qatar. QID is an important document which can be used for various kind of Government matters. Detailed information about the card holder, his name, date of birth, photograph and his residency status are mentioned on the card.

QID is an important document required to access health facilities, opening of bank accounts and applying for various government related services.ID checks make sure that the person showing a card is a truly authorized owner and it is vital in maintaining security in the country.

MOI QID Check Online

Qatar ID status can be checked online with our step by step guide. You can simply complete the process by entering your QID and date of birth on the official moi portal website.

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step2: Enter your Qatar ID

Step3: Complete the captcha, and press the search button

After that your information like passport expiry date, and residency expiry date will be displayed here. 

If you have mistakenly entered the wrong QID, you may not find any relevant information. To check again, restart or refresh the page.

Check Qatar ID by Passport Number

You can check and verify your  Qatar ID details by entering your passport number. 

Step 1: Visit the official portal for qatar id check

Step 2: Choose “Passport Number” to enter your details

Step 3: Select Nationality from the menu and complete captcha

Step 4: Enter the “Search” button.

All information related to your QID card, residency status and visa expiry status will be displayed on your screen. 

Method to Check Qatar ID on Metrash App

The Metrash 2 App consists of a wallet feature that can be approached in the following way.

  • Step 1: Provide your Qatar ID and enter PIN code to log in to Metrash2 app
  • Srep2: From the Top menu select “Wallet”.
  • Step 3: Choose the document you want to access

Check Qatar ID on Metrash Wallet

With the mobile app Metrash 2 of the ministry of interior you can get digital copies of your QID copies to use in different government sectors.

Documents included in E-Wallet are

  • Qatar ID Card
  • Qatar driving license
  • Vehicle Permit (Istimara)
  • Fancy Number Ownership

What is Qatar ID Card or QID?

A Qatar ID, or Qatar Identity Card, is an official identification card issued by the government of Qatar to its citizens, residents, and foreign workers living in the country. This card serves as a vital proof of a person’s identity and residency status. It contains essential information, including the cardholder’s photo, name, ID number, date of birth, nationality, signature, and details of their sponsor if applicable.

Having a Qatar ID is crucial for a wide range of purposes, such as opening a bank account, obtaining a driver’s license, and accessing various government services. In essence, it acts as a way to confirm who you are and where you reside.

For the overall well-being of society, it’s important to have trusted and secure identity systems in place. To protect online identities and reduce identity fraud, the Qatari government is working on enhancing security features and enacting legislation related to identity verification.

In Qatar, most transactions and official processes require you to provide your Qatar ID (QID). If you live and work in Qatar, having a Qatar ID is a necessity. Both residents and citizens must possess this identification card.

Qatar also issues plastic ID cards to new residents, which include basic information, a barcode, and a photograph. These cards are essential for tasks like obtaining a driver’s license and opening a bank account.

For foreign residents, the Qatari Interior Ministry introduced smart cards in 2011. These cards contain biometric data like fingerprints and eye scans, and they offer the convenience of using e-gate services at immigration, allowing residents to skip passport queues. Those with traditional ID cards can exchange them for smart cards to access these e-gate services. If you are an expatriate living in Qatar and wish to upgrade your ID card to a Smart ID card, you can do so by visiting your nearest government office. This upgrade enhances the security and efficiency of your identification.

Related Articles:

How  much does Qatar ID cost?

The cost of QID is 100 Qatari Riyal (QAR)

How long does it take to get a Qatar ID?

Usually, it takes 2-5 working days. It also depends on your medical and supporting documents by your employer.

What are the documents required for Qatar ID check?

To check QID status you must have a Qatar ID card. However, they may demand some additional documents for verification purposes.

What information does a Qatar ID contain?

A Qatar ID typically includes the cardholder’s photo, full name, QID number, date of birth, nationality, signature, and, if applicable, details of their sponsor.

What is the validity of a Qatar ID?

The validity of a Qatar ID varies, but it is typically linked to your residency status in Qatar. It may need to be renewed when your residency permit is renewed.

How can I replace a lost or damaged Qatar ID?

If your Qatar ID is lost or damaged, you should report it to the authorities and follow the replacement process, which may involve paying a fee and providing necessary documentation.

What are the uses of a Qatar ID?

A Qatar ID is used for a variety of purposes, including opening a bank account, obtaining a driver’s license, accessing government services, and as proof of identity in everyday transactions.