Qatar Transit Visa: Validity, Requirement and Processing Time

The Qatar Transit Visa opens doors for those looking to explore the vibrant culture of the country during a layover of five to 96 hours at Hamad International Airport. It allows you to briefly stopover and get back on your journey.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the application process, requirements, cost, processing time, rules, and updates for the Qatar Transit Visa.

What is Transit Visa?

Transit visas are termed as “Temporary Travel Authorization” that allows travellers pass through foreign country to his destination country. As a reference, if you are traveling to Saudi Arabia and you wish to stop in Qatar for short period of time, so you would need transit visa for your short stay at Hamad International Airport.

Qatar Transit Visa Application

Applying for a Qatar Transit Visa is a straightforward process. Travelers can submit their applications through the official online portal or seek assistance from authorized agents at least 7 days or 1 week before their entry into Qatar. The application typically requires essential details like personal information, travel itinerary, and passport details.

How to Apply for Qatar Airways Transit Visa?

In the start Qatar Airways offered travelers a luxurious facility to book online transit visa but now its temporarily suspended. If your nationality does not come under visa on arrival countries list and not entitled for transit visa, get in touch with nearest ticketing office of Qatar Airways. They can find ways to help you.

Moreover, this air service provides layoer packages with hotel stay and city trips. To check the status of your visa application, you can use visa number assigned to you or email them at : [email protected]

Qatar Transit Visa Requirements

To obtain a Qatar Transit Visa, certain requirements must be met. These usually include a valid passport, confirmed onward travel tickets, and proof of accommodation if the layover extends beyond a specified duration.


  • Passports are essential for all travelers including infants
  • clear copy of passport
  • The validity of passport should be for at least 6 months at the time of entry to Qatar (not on application time)


  • Confirmed ticket in to Qatar and for onward journey shoud be on ticket document
  • At least 5 hours layover in Qatar
  • Flight carrier must be Qatar Airways
  • Doha, being the point of turnaround, it is not allowed. e.g BOM-DOH-BOM

Upon boarding and on arrival in Qatar, visa should be in hand for any kind of confirnation. if asked by the authorities, it should be presented.

Qatar Transit Visa Validity

Qatar transit visa is valid for 4 days or 96 hours, there is no extension allowed for this visa. The major pupose of this transit visa is to briefly allow travellers to visit the thriving culture. Therefore, no visa extension is available.

Qatar Transit Visa Cost

While the cultural experiences in Qatar are priceless, there is no cost associated with obtaining a transit visa. if you book flight with multi city option and you are willing to obtain transit visa; it is free for five to 96 hours. It allows add transparency and clarity to travel planning and layovers in the bustling Arabian gem.

Processing Time for Transit Visa

If you are willing to enter Qatar for short period or transit visa you should apply at least 7 days before your arrival. Processing time for transit visa is not too long and in 7 days approximately it gets approval.

Approval Authority

Entry into Qatar solely depends on the immigration authority. Qata Airways, as an agent only process the visa and do not have any direct role in approval. If visa is delayed or rejected, Qatar Airways staff will not be responsible for this nor they will bear any charges applied to you for alternative arrangements.

Rejection Upon Arrival

A traveller with rejected visa is advised to tavel to final destination. He is supposed to arrange alternative arrangements on his own expenses.

Visa-free entry into Qatar is available for almost 90 countries. However, they no longer require transit visa for this purpose.

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