Qatar Visa Photo Requirements: Size and Specifications

Planning a trip to Qatar involves understanding how to obtain a visa, which allows entry into the country. For most people from other countries, getting a visa is quite straightforward – you can either apply online or get it when you arrive at the airport. But for some, visiting the embassy or consulate might be necessary to complete the visa application. No matter which way you choose, one important thing remains the same: providing a photo of yourself that meets Qatar’s strict guidelines. If you’re feeling unsure about what exactly your visa photo should look like, reaching out to the nearest Qatar embassy or consulate representative in your area can be a helpful first step.

Following are the details for Qatar Visa Photo Requirements

  • Photo size should be 3.5 CM in Width and 4.5 cm in height.
  • Pictures with colored backgrounds are acceptable: no white background
  • Head position must be straight
  • Picture should not be older than 6 months
  • White Background
  • Clearly Visible Eyes
  • Picture should be without smile
  • Blur photos are usually not accepted and rejected
  • You should not have headwear: Though there are some exceptions
  • Pictures with at least 600 DPI pixels
  • Dress must be in good contrast with background; White caps are not allowed
  • Properly trimmed Beard
  • 2 photos are necessary

Qatar Visa Photo Requirements, Guidelines and Specifications

If you wish to take passport size photo at home, you should keep in mind the basic requirements necessary for visa photo. If you do not meet the due requirements, your application would not be approved. Following are the guidelines to consider while taking visa photo.

  • You should position your head against white background; either white sheet or wall will work for this.
  • Expose your face in appropriate light; ensure you should not take your picture in darkness or with shadows on your face.
  • Do not tilt your head, keep it straight.
  • For visa photo, your eyes should be clearly visible
  • You should have neutral facial expression, avoid squint, frown or smile in the picture.
  • You are advised to take picture without headwear but if your religion prohibits to uncover your head, you are allowed to take picture with headwear.
  • If you have beard, it should be trimmed properly.

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Qatar Visa photo for Children, Infants and Newborn-Rules and Requirements

If you want to accompany your children on your tour, certainly, you require passports and visas for those children as well. However, they will require photos as well. Following are few rules and guidelines for how to take pictures for babies and infants.

  • Children eyes must be clearly visible
  • Only baby appearance is required in photo, however, if you want to hold your baby for photo, ensure that your hands are hidden and not visible in picture.
  • For visa or passport photo remove all the pacifiers and headwear.
  • Ensure the white background for babies pictures
  • You can put your child in car seat and take the picture
  • For infants, you can lay him on his back and take the photo. It is a really good solution for infants and newborns.

How to take a Visa Photo for Qatar?

In-Home: If you are intended to take photos at home, ensure that you have white background and good light to take photo for visa. You can edit the size of your images using online websites.

In-Studio: You can get the help of photographer at professional studio to get the visa photo to match the visa or passport requirements.

How I can submit a Qatar Visa Photo?

If you are submitting online visa, you are allowed to update your photo from any of the following formats.

  • JPG

However, if you are submitting offline application, you can staple or attach your photo with the visa application.

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