Qatar Student Visa 2024: Easy Guide to Application Process

Qatar student visa opens numerous gates for international students. It allows students to visit rich diverse cultures with multiple new-built attractions in the country. It is a gateway to high quality life, either studying at university or seeking employment in Qatar.

Student visa is issued by the Qatar government to International students to study in the country for a specific academic course. To obtain a visa, students must have an acceptance letter from a recognized institution along with many other basic documents.

Documents Required to Apply for Qatar Student Visa

  • Print of confirm Online Application
  • 1 Year Valid passport with 
  • Copy of Passport Bio Page
  • Two colored Passport-size photo
  • Proof of Sponsor or Funds
  • Health Insurance
  • Police Clearance Certificate

Qatar Study Visa Fee

International students applying for study visa would get it Free of cost. However, they have to prove their study funds through reliable sources.

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Visa Requirements for International Students

There are certain requirements for International students to get a Qatar student visa, they may vary course to course or nationality to nationality. However, we have compiled a few common requirements necessary for every category.

  • Acceptance into recognized Qatari Institution: International students must ensure their admission at recognized Qatari institutions and get acceptance letters.
  • Valid Passport: Students should have at least 6 months valid passport
  • Financial Proof: To cover all the expenses, students should provide sponsor details or proof of funds.
  • Medical Certificate: Students should have a medical clearance certificate, ensuring that they are not suffering from any contagious disease.
  • Educational Documents: Students are advised to submit photocopies of all their educational documents.
  • Language Proficiency: Students may be asked to provide proficiency certificates for English like IELTS/TOEFL. 
  • Proof of accommodation: Students must have proof of accommodation if they are not provided by university hostels. However, if they are using university’s accommodation, they have proof of housing by university.
  • Passport sized Photograph: 
  • Provide colored passport size photographs

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Visa Types for students in Qatar

There are various student visa types in Qatar, also termed as Student Residence Permit.

Residence Permit

International students can study and stay on this visa for their academic program. 

Residence Permit Dependent Visa

International students can invite their spouses and children on this dependent visa.

Important Note:

International students intended to study in Qatar should start their visa process with enough time before their classes. Visa approval takes time and they should not miss their initial classes. However, during their stay at University, they can renew their visas without any trouble. Moreover, they are supposed to follow the rules and regulations of Qatar in true spirit. 

Qatar Student Visa for Indian Students

Indian students who are willing to pursue their higher studies in Qatar are required to get a student visa before entering into Qatar for study purposes. They should follow all the requirements that are mentioned for International students and should submit their duly filled application forms with all documents and details.

Student Visa for Pakistani Students

Pakistani students who are aspiring to study at Qatar University or other institutes, they require student visa. However, they have to provide all the documents required for International students to secure their admission.

Visa for Bangladeshi Students

Qatar also allows students from Bangladesh to access high quality education at reputed institution in Qatar. However they have to undergo all the process and requirements as mentioned above.

For Filipino

Students from Philippines can also study and enjoy world class education in Qatar. Though, they have to fullfil all the methods and procedures for Internaional students

For African

Students from African countries are also eligible to undertake quality education in Qatar. However, they are asked to provide all the necessary documents required by university and then for visa process.

For European

European students who are seeking admission in their desired programs, must obtain student visa to study in Qatar.This usually requires acceptance letter from recognized institute in Qatar combined with other basic necessry documents like Passport, Police clearance certificate etc.

How much money or funds are required to study in Qatar?

To study in Qatar sufficient money or funds are required to fulfill the living and educational expenses. Living expenses are a bit high in Qatar so stude. Students should have proper planning of funds to sustain basic needs and lifestyle.

  • Tuition Fees: Qatari institutes have different ranges of tuition fees from bachelor to graduate level. For Bachelor it starts around $220 and for Graduate it starts around $550 per credit hour.
  • Living Expenses: Living costs are a bit high in Qatar. However, it starts around $200 and goes to around $600 per month. Moreover, it depends on whether you are looking for fully furnished or semi-furnished accommodation. 
  • Health Insurance: While applying for visa, Qatar ensures students should have comprehensive Health insurance for their stay in Qatar. 
  • Travel and visa expenses: While planning for Qatar, keep in mind the basic expenses related to travel and visa expenses.
  • Study Materials with Books: Students studying on self-finance must have to bear cost for books, photocopies and any other research projects.
  • Personal Expenses: Students should have a specific personal budget to meet basic needs and for occasionally refreshing activities that include a visit to the beach or mall, or dining out.

Can students work in Qatar on a Student Visa?

Students on Qatar student visas are not allowed to work. Qatar issues this visa particularly for studies and expects students to focus on their education while they are on student visa. Moreover, it is prohibited to join any paid or unpaid work for students. Students must follow the basic guidelines and should not divert from their studies.

Is Part-Time Work Allowed in Qatar for Students?

Yes, students are allowed to do part time work on the condition that their work does not interfere with their studies. They should get a work permit from the Ministry of interior to find opportunities for them.

Basic Qualifications Required to Get a Study Visa

Recognized Qatari institutes have set basic criteria for international students to get admission in Qatar. However, the basic requirements vary according to the academic programs in which students are interested. 

Basic requirements include IB Diploma or IGCSE or GCSE qualification with IELTS/TOEFL for foreign learners.If students are willing to take admission in arabic language programs than they may have to go through basic arabic tests.

Interview Questions for Qatar Student Visa 

To obtain a study visa, students may be asked to undergo an interview. They will be asked some questions related to their study and choosing Qatar as their educational destination. Below mentioned are a few questions for Qatar student visa.

  • Why have you chosen Qatar for your study?
  • Who would sponsor your educational and living expenses?
  • How do your academic programs align with your future goals?

Scholarships for International Students

International students can apply for scholarships in Qatar. Qatar Government and Qatar  University provide luxurious opportunities to students to get free of cost education at world class education centers in Qatar.

Qatar University Scholarships

Qatar University offers scholarships to international students for undergraduate and graduate programs. Students can explore more about university website for further details.

Qatar Foundation Scholarships

International students are also awarded scholarships by Qatar foundation. It enables you to get education at foundation’s affiliated institutes.

Government Scholarships

Qatar Government also offers scholarships to international students at different institutes in different programs.


How many Universities offer Free education to international students?

Hammad-Bin-Khalifa university offers tuition free education in Qatar. It also includes airfare, housing with monthly stipend.

What is the cost of Qatar Student Visa?

Qatar student visa is free of cost for international students but they have to provide proof of sufficient funds to support their program.

How to apply for student visa?

To get a student visa, students are supposed to apply for online visa beofre their arrival. It usually gets approved within 3 days.

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