Qatar Business Visa 2024 Price, Requirements and Processing Time & Application

Qatar business visa is specifically allowed to business owners, investors or professionals for short term stay and conduct their business activities.It is effective as it offers business tourists to execute their business plans without seeking employment visa.

Qatar, with its growing economy is attracting businesses to operate and start business in different sectors like IT, Travel and Tourism and Manufacturing.Due to its business-friendly policies, international companies are keen to invest and start businesses in different sectors.

This article is based on the real experiences related to Business visa, fee, application, validity, processing time and requirements.

Qatar Business Visa November 2023  Latest Update

According to latest updates Qatar Business Visa on arrival is temporarily suspended. To avoid frustration, you can choose a visit visa or 30 days business visa according to your requirement.

Types of Qatar Business Visa

Qatar issues two types of business visas and they are valid for different duration according to their nature.

72 Hours Business Visa

This visa is issued for short business visits like attending conferences, meetings and exhibitions. This is on arrival visa and if needed can be extended for 72 more hours. However, visitors are advised to carry necessary documents as a proof of their business trip.They may be asked to provide a few necessary documents. 

30/90 Day Business Visa

This visa is mainly applied by consultants and contractul workers and issued for 30 or 90 days. An approved company should apply for this visa on your behalf. This visa is suitable for short term contracts and consultation business.

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Eligibility for Qatar Business Visa

Qatar business visa is issued to visitors who meet the basic requirements and their main purpose is to visit for investment or business.The professionals visiting should have clear, valid documents from local companies or establishments. Moreover, visitors should have no criminal record and must be over 18 years of age with 6 months valid passport.

Required Documents for Business Visa

Below mentioned are the documents required for Qatar Business Visa.

  • Original passport with 6 months validity
  • Letter of invitation from the company
  • Arrival and Return Air Ticket (Two ways)
  • Proof of Income Tax Returns
  • Qatar Visa Application Form
  • Specified Color Photo

Fee for Qatar Business Visa

The price for a Qatar business visa depends on its duration. We have listed the price for different types of business visas according to their duration.

  • 72 hour visa… QAR 50
  • 30 Days Visa..200 QAR
  • 90 days visa… 600 QAR

Qatar Business Visa Extension

If a visitor wants/desires to extend his stay in Qatar, he would have to pay a certain fee to extend his visa.

  • To get 72 more hours fee is 50 QAR
  • To get an extension for other types of visa, Fee is 200 QAR per month.

Important Note: If you overstay, a 200 QAR  per day fine would be imposed as a penalty.

Business Visa Application

Online Application for Qatar Business Visa

To applyOnline, use E-service Portal by Moi

Choose “Visa Services” then “Issue Visa” and the tap on “Business Visa”

Provide the required details accurately. (It requires name and birth date, place of birth, passport, phone number and residential address. You can provide email as well to get visa copy on your email address)

Enter confirm and submit visa fee through card.

This facility can also be enjoyed through Metrash2, Moi service centers and Moi self-service Kiosks.

Offline- In-person Visa Application

  • Ensure that the company is legally registered and not in the default list, who is applying for a business visa.
  • Downloaded and filled form can be submitted at service centers
  • Attach the necessary documents as mentioned for the online process.
  • Submit fee mentioned for the visa

Business Visa Processing Time

Qatar business visa processing is a smooth and quick process. It can be applied at any date and time. However,it usually takes 3 days to get final approval.

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Can I convert business visa to work visa in Qatar?

yes, you can change business visa to work visa in Qatar with the authorization of company. Moreover, you need NOC to transfer your business visa to work visa.

Which type of Qatar Business Visa is available now?

72 hours business visa is temporarily suspended but you should apply 30 days business visa before arrival.

What is the pice of Qatar Business Visa?

For 72 hours visa price is 50 QAR, while for 30 days visa cost is 200QAR.

How to get a Qatar Business Visa?

To get business visa
1) you should have 6 months valid passport 2) Letter of invitation from company 3) Health Insurance 4) Proof of funds 5) Two-ways Air ticket.